Who we are



Passion, transparency, respect for nature and continuous improvement.

These are the four key principles of our company, which was born over 70 years ago from the love for the land and its fruits.

Hard work, patience and stubbornness.

These are the rules behind our work, which takes place in the shadow of the majestic centuries-old olive trees.

From here 100% certified organic products are born, protecting the health of our customers, the land, and our centuries-old olive trees, which are an integral part of the landscape and an ancient tradition.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained from milling within 12 hours of harvesting, in a continuous cycle system with cold extraction at low temperatures, in this way we preserve the beneficial properties and exalite the scent and flavor.


Our company was founded in the 1950s, at the time the olives were mainly harvested by women, who gathered in teams of 10/15 people who from October to February harvested this fantastic fruit that the land gave us.

Today Domenico and Antonio, the third generation, are ready to bring innovative ideas, maintaining the authenticity of tradition.

Domenico recalls their first meeting with olive trees as follows:

"My brother Antonio and I, at the last generation of the company, were seven years old.

My mother took us for the first time to the fields in the middle of the olive trees, we were astounded by the beauty of those centuries-old trees, each had a different shape, and our grandfather approaching said:

"Nature is beautiful, it has painted these olive trees in a thousand different forms, everyone has a soul, lives, and only respecting them can they give us this beautiful oil"

So he made us taste a drizzle of oil on a piece of bread, from there the future dream was born to become also guardians of those majestic centuries-old trees, preserving and passing on those thousand shapes painted on each olive tree"


Today in our company we work with the same passion, love, and attachment to the land of 70 years ago.

It is important for us to use natural techniques and methods aimed at protecting nature, and we know that it is also important for our customers.

For this reason we maintain our tradition, in order to offer a 100% organic extra virgin olive oil obtained with refined techniques that have no impact on the environment.